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Videoscopios Articulados Adro GMT

VIDEOSCOPIOS ARTICULADOS 2 ejes Diametros 3,9mm y 6,9mm GRABA SD

Diameter (Cable)    4/4,2/5,5/5,8/8/10mm
Ingress Protection    IP 57
Lightning 10mm Probe    6 white LED (850 Lux/8cm)
Lightning 4/5,5mm Cable    4 white LED (275 Lux/1,5-4cm)
Image Sensor    CMOS
Working lengths    1/2/3/5/10/20/30 Meter available
White Balance    fix
Resolution    640(H)x480(V)
Compression Format    MPG4 /saved as AVI 640x480
Image Format    JPG- 640x480
Exposure    automatic
Frame Rate    30 fps
Direction of vision    0°
Field of view    67°
Depth of Field (DOF)    1cm-8cm depends on Cable
Waterproof (Probe)    yes
Interface    USB / DC In /TV out
Battery    3,7V Li-Ionen-rechargeable
working time    4 hours
Language    16 Different Language

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